Wi-Fi and Network Installation

We specialize in network setup, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting for all settings. Our company provides whatever you need, be it whatever you need, basic local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) virtual private network, wireless network, or even hosted networking solutions, we have networking professionals that can help you with any demand or requirement. We also provide a myriad of onsite and managed network services.

We can set up and configure your network from the ground up or reconfigure any existing network that you might already be using. Your network needs to be maintained in the same way that a house or automobile is for it to keep working well. We handle it for you so you can focus on running your business.

Wireless Router Configuration

We optimize your routers for you, saving you the trouble and headache of installing and configuring them yourself. Our service leaves you with faster speeds, better security, and an overall better experience. Whatever you want to set up, whether you want to set up an 802.11n or 802.11ac network, we’ll configure any and every access point to improve the overall performance of your internet connection.

WiFi Troubleshooting

You never know when trouble may strike when it comes to your wifi connections. Your wifi may be working just fine one moment and the next it’s giving problems, well that’s where we come in, our team will fix whatever is causing you problems. Our experts are experienced with everything from single-router setups to multi-story business with several access points, troubleshooting your wifi is a walk in the park for them.

We Fix Wifi Dead Spots

Have you experienced a sudden drop in wifi signals in an area that’s supposed to be within range of your router? Well, that’s a wifi dead spot. Any number of issues can cause a dead spot in your house or office building. Let our team of experts take a look at it and remedy your dead spot problems permanently.

Whole-Home Coverage

We’ll set up your wifi network to give you the best experience possible. Regardless of the layout of your house, whether it’s an apartment, a townhouse, and more, we’ll set up wifi access points throughout your house to give you maximum speed with the best coverage, with encryption and security protocols to boot.

Network Optimization

Network coverage is an elusive beast at times, it can depend on a myriad of factors, which if imbalanced, can degrade your internet experience. Room size, wall material, hindrances in signal transmission etc, all can affect network coverage. Let us handle this, we have the knowledge and experience of wifi infrastructure to not only improve your wifi signal but also strengthen it.

Safe and Secure

Are you worried about the security of your wifi network? Afraid someone may access your devices through your wifi and steal your data? Rest assured, our team of experts will make sure that your wifi is secure by using the appropriate security protocols and encryptions. Your safety and security is our top priority.

Maximum speed

Everyone wants fast internet, it’s pretty much an expectation and a necessity in this day and age. What most don’t know is that the speed can be affected, among other reasons, if the access points are not properly set up and configured. Our team of experts make sure that doesn’t happen, giving you the most out of your access points and ISP connection.

About Us

We promise excellent TV mounting and installation services for all home and business needs at Wall Mounting Service. We also offer wifi and network installation services for house or business. Never have downtime or weak internet signals in your house ever again. We offer high-quality Wi-Fi and networking solutions for the entire house, including the yard. We offer over a decade of experience in each job, and we never cut corners on quality. Furthermore, we offer high-quality and reasonably priced services, since our primary purpose is to provide the best and most individualised approach to structure installation in the Greater Toronto Area.

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