Optimal Sound Calibration

Every new technology brings a newer, more advanced, better sounding gadgets. Yet somehow installing them at your own homes does not mimic the sound you heard at the store, which pushed you into buying this device in the first place. The reason behind this is quite simple – professional sound calibration. The same device setup by a non-professional in a small room, unlike the showroom the gadget was displayed means a lot of important aspects like speaker distance, delay, test tone and speaker size are ignored. However, with professional sound installers and calibrators like us with experience and a knowledge of customer preference you get the best sound experience at the least capita spent.

We are experts in Sound Calibration

Our team of technicians has a great deal of expertise in almost all audio/video equipment from major technological brands. We value ourselves in not only installing these devices but also calibrating sound to suit your room size, your seating arrangement in the room and your demand from the sound system. With our test equipment we ensure that you get optimal results from your sound system. It doesn’t matter if you have a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system, surround sound system or are looking for a home cinema we are the solution to all your queries having installed and calibrated hundreds of sound systems in Toronto and glowing recommendations from clients all over.

We can also make recommendations for you at the time of a sound system purchase. We can advise (after evaluation the target area) which speakers, wiring, amplifiers, and all its associated tech will be needed to get you the most optimal listening experience. Give us a call and let us figure it out for you.

What sound systems can we calibrate?

With a professionally skillful team we guarantee installation and calibration of all major brands and sound systems. We not only help install surround sound systems but also 5.1 and 7.1 speaker systems, A/V receiver setups, calibrate their levels and install all the related wiring. If your goal is in-wall or in-ceiling speaker mounting or even moving your previous setup to a new location, we got you covered. Our services not only include installation and calibration but also planning according to room acoustics, mounting speakers, and configuring devices. We calibrate devices for easy rotation, up to 180 °, our mounting also allows televisions to tilt to any angle to improve on your television viewing experience.

We are experts in sound calibration.

As professionals we know that sound calibration depends on a variety of factors. Unlike novices we realize that sound quality is affected by the quality of wiring used in connecting all the devices together. Our company ensures the best quality products for you. Speaker specs are very important when it comes to calibrating sound systems, we provide advice to clients about speaker power handling rating and A/V receiver rating before they invest in any sound systems. We also keep a note of sub-woofer placement, power handling and room acoustics when calibrating your sound system.

Benefits of sound calibration 

Any great television setup fells flat if the audio experience does not match the visuals. With sound calibration we ensure to get the best result possible even if the technology is not top notch. A poorly setup system despite being technologically advanced would underperform to a perfectly calibrated yet older technology. With a professionally calibrated sound system we can improve audibility.

If you want to spend your money wisely and get the best audio experience, we are the best bet in Toronto to calibrate your sound system.

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