Commercial TV Installation in Toronto & GTA

Businesses require TV installation setups that offer maximum coverage, efficiency, and viewing angle as there can be a variety of people in each use case (unlike homes with limited viewers). Businesses need perfection for their display and cabling usages. Perfection of this type is achieved through years of experience and an appreciation for a client’s priorities.
Not only can you call us to install a TV at your office in Toronto, but you can also call us to help you with unmounting, transporting, pre-cabling, figuring out the layout, configuration, and full setup. We are capable and experienced with any type of wall or infrastructure. We can set up your video conferencing rooms, board rooms, and classrooms.

Benefits from correct TV installation

An improperly set up TV installation will always be plagued with questions of longevity, efficiency, and effectiveness. An improper installation could lead to a mess of wires randomly placed into your walls and sockets that might interfere with your electrical system and could lead to an expensive undertaking when the time comes to make a move. Getting a TV professionally installed keeps you from facing any of those problems as it becomes a simple long-term solution.

WiFi & network setup

Every office needs access to the highest fidelity possible networking infrastructure. You wouldn’t want video conferences or intraoffice communication to be plagued by random signal loss, packet drops, or any other networking issues that might interfere with office productivity. You can trust us to install your WiFi setup as efficiently and interruption-free as possible.

Wire concealment

Nobody wants to see a noodled mess of wires haphazardly jutting out from under your electronics. A professional installation will keep you from having to apologize to your clients anytime they look at improper concealment. Instead, let us figure out how to best make your entire setup appear as wireless as physically possible.


It is our expertise that we can install your TV on any kind of office space in any kind of environment. We at wall mounting services can help you understand whatever works best for your office needs and make those happen for you.

Why us?

We have years of experience and highly trained staff to help you with any of your office installation needs. We pride ourselves on being able to understand a client’s needs, provide our input based on our experience, and helping our customers make the best possible choice that is in their best interest.

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